Simple HR solution to manage on-site and remote team

Collaborative work platform that help every team to work on the same environment

How It Works

HR Software for Non-HR Individuals

Manage Team

Attendance Record

Payroll & Salary

Manage the Team

Simple HR solution for every business

  • Add team, and add important detail like rate per hour, designation and department
  • Manage Department
  • Manage Designation
  • See the summary of each team member;
    • Project involved,
    • Task progress
    • Time logs
    • Leaves

And many more to be explore

Attendance Management

Manage each team members attendance

  • Mark each team member attendance
  • Employee access can allow them to mark their own attendance
  • Mark attendance in bulk
  • View attendance record by;
    • Total working days
    • Days present
    • Days Late
    • Half Day
    • Day Absent
    • Holidays
  • View each team / employee login  / working from specific location and IP address
Payroll & Salary

Manage salary and payroll for your business

  • Set the base salary for each employee
  • Customize the type of additional Earnings and Deductions.
  • Update the salary value (increase / decrease) and view the history of changes
  • Generate Payroll with options of Payroll Cycle; Monthly, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly
  • Options to add time-logs to salary – goods for payment based on time record in each task involved.